Data Recovery, Get Backup!

In life when we are knocked down or fall off our bike we are told, "Get back up!" When it comes to computers this advice is often met with chagrin. "I don't have a backup", is the anguished cry I hear over and over. Hard drive failures are one of the most common repair items according to PC manufacturers. After all hard drives are mechanical devices with platters spinning at up to 7,200 RPM and read/write heads floating mere nanometers above the platter surface.

Heat is your drive's worst enemy, drives get extremely hot during heavy use and I often find PC cases packed full of dust from years of accumulation. This dust layer acts like a blanket holding heat in while it slows down fans that are supposed to exhaust waste heat! The result is that one day the drive just quits, your PC won't boot, and you really need that paper, or financial information right now!

Now some of you are thinking, "I don't need to read the rest of this article because I have a backup." Ask yourself these questions. If my PC won't boot can I still get my backup? Where is my backup stored? A backup on a broken drive is no good at all. Just what am I backing up? Just files, what about programs, the Registry, emails, contacts, etc. Most backup systems right out of the box only copy data files like those found in the My Documents folder. They rely on your PC working fine and assume that you have just accidentally erased an important file. Did you know that the new encryption “ransom” viruses can find and encrypt all attached drives!

A true backup is a copy of every single byte on the hard drive, including all the information on how the hard drive is formatted and configured. This complete "Image" backup should be on a separate hard drive that is kept in a safe place. Good backup software should also have a bootable CD that has software that will run even if your hard drive is completely fried. This software will allow you to buy a new hard drive and then recover everything and I mean everything!

PC Bits will install the best complete backup software and sell you the best possible external hard drive. One tailored to meet your needs and budget. We will create your first backup and train you how to do future backups or create a fully automated system. Then when the worst happens you are ready to Get Backup!

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