Fraudware Alert!

Be on the alert for Fraudware attacks! There is a sharp increase in the number of Fraudware attacks infecting computers.

Windows System Security Alert

What is Fraudware? Software that invades your PC and falsely claims you are infected with viruses or spyware. What's the point? To frighten you into buying useless software. The software essentially makes your PC impossible to use! The desktop background can change, pop-up screens endlessly scream at you while pretending to be Windows System Security or error messages. (See actual pop-up message to the right.)

Spyware Protection Privacy Protector

Often official looking icons appear on the desktop. New programs start up each time you turn on your PC and begin "scanning" trumpeting how many (fake) viruses and spyware files they have found. "Click Here to download the full edition that will erase these horrible infections!" Internet Explorer (IE) mysteriously opens all by itself and goes to a web site that also tells you that you are infected and need to purchase "SpyShredder" or some other product "immediately".

Often key Windows programs that could help you remove this threat are "disabled". I have found Task Manager and firewalls disabled or operating incorrectly compounding the problem.

Nothing you do will make these programs disappear. You cannot remove them from Add/Remove programs; you can't stop their processes even if Task Manager works. Good anti-virus programs and spyware programs struggle to remove them if they detect them at all.

Quick Tip-Bits: If you become infected with Fraudware you must bring your PC to a professional repair shop. DO NOT buy anything online. You are only giving your Credit Card information to a criminal!

Prevention is your best defense.

  • Only open e-mails from trusted sources.
  • Install and regularly maintain a full suite of Security Software.
  • Do not click on links in strange e-mails or documents.

If you are a victim of Fraudware, call Dean Hancy at PC Bits at 763-360-2163.

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