Why Choose PC Bits, Inc.?

Welcome To PC Bits!

Our Mission: To quickly get your computer(s) working again and prevent future problems.

PC Bits is your personal and expert resource for support. We answer questions, repair computer problems that others can't or won’t, and give sound, cost effective advice.

Too often the "other guy’s " solution is to "reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows." (i.e. wipe out everything on your computer and start over). This costs you money and you still have to spend the time to find, reinstall, and update your many programs. Too often this method means the loss of your critical data. A loss that can mean disaster to a small business.

PC Bits prefers to remedy the issue by repairing corrupted systems and removing all viruses and spyware. We keep you informed on what we are doing and teach you how to prevent problems in the future. We take the time others don't to answer all your questions and train you in the proper maintenance and computer security procedures needed in today’s Internet world. You will know that you have a partner; someone you can trust to help with any computer question or problem.

PC Bits will help you through the frustration of fixing your computer, getting connected to the Internet or installing new hardware or programs. You drop it off at the shop and get the best price and quickest turn-around.

Our rates are both reasonable and flexible. We know how quickly costs can mount when it comes to computer repairs. Wherever possible we "cap" the cost so that you won’t be surprised with a large bill. We pride ourselves in being more thorough than our competition and in taking the time to explain all your options. However, our low prices mean that you can afford to have the very best.

Our technicians are trained and required to take the time to communicate effectively with you. No "geek speak" that leaves you bewildered. The problem, solution, and costs will be clearly explained and delivered.

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