Computer running slow? Get a Tune Up!

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Computers lose performance and start running slower for a variety of reasons. You may need a new computer, but more often a PC Bits Tune-up will restore the speed and dependability you had in the past. A PC Bits Tune Up will fix multiple issues and boost overall performance at a great price and provides free phone support after all repairs.

A PC Bits Tune Up will:

  • Detect and remove viruses, hijacks, malware and spyware.
  • Repair the cause of error messages, pop ups, lost home pages or startup errors.
  • Tune and update the Windows operating system for maximum performance and remove unneeded processes so your computer will boot faster, shut down faster, and run programs faster.
  • Clean up, optimize, and backup the Registry File which is an essential Windows file that with time becomes slow and can be corrupted by viruses and spyware.
  • In consultation with the client, remove unwanted and unneeded, files, folders, software, Icons, programs, and startups.
  • Defragment your old “spinning” hard drive for faster access to information.
    • Note: For maximum speed, PC Bits recommends that users replace a spinning hard drive with the purchase and PC Bits installation of a solid state drive (SSD). This is an additional cost and not required for the Tune Up.
  • Install a complete Suite of Free computer security software to protect your computer from viruses, hijacking and spyware.
  • Install a suite of free hard drive cleanup and maintenance programs.
  • Install and optimize the latest Google Chrome (preferred browser).
  • Install the latest version of Adobe Reader.
  • Physically clean the computer case. Computers will overheat and run slower because of a thick coating of dust inside.
  • BONUS: PC Bits will train you in how to maintain your computer and enjoy the maximum computer security and speed. Written detailed instructions and the famous free PC Bits class are available with each tune up. None of our competitors provide this level of support!

Why is my computer slow?

Slow computers can be caused by one or multiple problems.

The problem can be spyware. Do you have anti spyware software? If not, you will be host to dozens of spyware cookies watching what you do and calling home to “report“ on you! They keep track of what programs you use and what Internet web sites you use. All this extra work and traffic can slow you down.

The problem can also be computer viruses! Do you have up-to-date anti-virus software? If not, you will be infected! Today, viruses don’t crash your computer, they use it. They use it to send spam, they use it to store and sell pornography, and they search it for personal identity information. They use your computer to attack other computers and they force spyware on your computer to receive commissions!

The problem can be a fragmented hard drive. After time all hard drives become fragmented. This means the files are stored in multiple pieces instead of all together in one section of the hard drive and that results in more time to access the information. The PC becomes very slow answering requests. Fragmentation is not an issue with a solid state drive, and this is one reason why PC Bits recommends them over a spinning hard drive.

Too many programs running on your PC can slow it down. These programs come from hardware and applications you have installed since you bought the PC. This is where things get complex. All nonessential programs can and should be stopped but the difficulty is in determining which programs are not essential, finding them, and turning them off, without losing essential operations or crashing your system. This is a job for your PC Bits expert with close cooperation and input from you. A PC Bits tune up will remove unneeded program.

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