Computer Virus - Are You Infected?!

BIO-Hazard Quarantine Contaminated! If you saw signs on a hospital room like this would you go in? Not until you put on mask, gown and gloves! But every day millions of folks enter the highly infected world of the Internet completely or inadequately protected from infections. I am talking about the dreaded Internet/Computer Virus. According to a Norton report on Cyber-crime there are more than 1-million victims of virus attacks per day! The cost of these attacks average $298.00!

It’s All About Money! The viruses of today are unlike the first viruses. Remember the Blaster worm? Those first viruses were written by kids who wanted to cause mayhem and destruction. Today’s viruses are targeted, powerful, and designed to be stealthy. They don’t crash your PC deliberately; they hide on it giving the author control over your PC! Why? To make money! Hackers or Bot Herders as they are called, enslave unprotected PCs by installing a “Bot” or robot program. This “Bot” allows them to use your PC to enrich themselves. One way is to force Adware on your PC and then claim a commission from the Adware companies. A new approach enraging PC owners is Ransomware. The Bot Herder encrypts all the files on your PC then demands a ransom or you will never read your files again. A 3rd method uses your PC to attack a popular website along with thousands of other infected PCs. Herders are paid to start these attacks and/or demand a ransom to end them. Believe it or not Organized Crime Syndicates are getting into viruses in a big way. They use hackers to infect millions of PCs then use them to send spam, steal identities, and even sell porn! Sound crazy? According to the FBI one Russian national, Evgeniy Bogachev has stolen “Hundreds of millions of dollars” with the Gameover Zeus virus and the Cryptolocker ransomware.

And yet many Internet users don’t have Anti-Virus software or have let it expire! If you are on the Internet for any reason, (E-mail, Instant Messaging, surfing, downloading music) you MUST have Anti-Virus software and it MUST update every day.

Through extensive research and real life experience we have a preferred Anti-Virus solution. This is a terrific product that is winning top praise and awards from industry experts. It is a powerful program that does not slow down your PC like other commercial American Anti-Virus packages. It is just one part of the Tune-up package.

Note: you cannot run two Anti-Virus programs at the same time. You must completely uninstall an old product before installing a new, even if it has expired.

Dean Hancy
Owner and founder of PC Bits Inc.

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