Laptop Screen Replacement

PC Bits does many laptop screen replacements and repairs, but laptop screen repairs must be diagnosed in our shop. Cost and time to repair are dependent on the laptop. Let us take a look and provide you with an estimate.

PC Bits must disassemble the laptop and remove the screen because manufacturers will use as many as four, or more, different models of screens in the same laptop model. We cannot order a screen based only on the laptop model; we must use the screen model number which is located on the back of the screen itself.

Most of the time required to complete a screen repair is waiting for the shipment and delivery of a new screen order. Laptop screens are manufactured overseas, mostly China, and the shipping time varies from a few days to weeks. Unfortunately, you should not expect to have your laptop fixed immediately. You will have to leave it and we will call you when it is repaired.

The average 15.6-inch laptop screen, without touch screen, costs about $50-$70 and PC Bits charges $50.00 labor. So, if your laptop is an ordinary standard mass-produced model, it will cost approximately $100.00 to $120.00 plus Minnesota sales tax. Other size screens can cost more; as much as $300.00 for a 13-inch touch screen. New ultra-thin, ultra-portable laptops have screens that are glued or taped together and are very difficult to fix and more expensive.

If the issue is a broken hinge, then PC Bits will inspect the damage and tell you if it can be repaired. Many of the thinner laptop model screen hinges are anchored to the laptop body’s plastic base without much, if any, solid structural support. PC Bits is very creative, but in some cases the laptop can’t be repaired and the only solution is to discard it, or use it as is.

Upon occasion we are asked if a different or cheaper screen can be used. Only rarely can we do this because different screens use different wires and cables to attach the screen to your motherboard. A different cable must match to the connector on the motherboard, and this is not usually the case. Most of the time you must get the same screen.

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