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At the 3rd anniversary of PC Bits I would like to talk about the top 3 things computer owners need to do! I have noticed that people who have frequent problems with their PC are unaware of the need to do (or not do) these things.

  1. Personally and regularly maintain your security programs! Viruses, Fraudware, Spyware, and Phishing attacks are on the rise and getting worse with each passing day! No automatic (expensive) "Security Suite" can take the place of the human brain! Find someone who can train you in how to keep your PC and its valuable information secure, and then regularly do it. For example: make sure your antivirus program updates every day, before you get on the Internet. Make sure you have a good Firewall, one that clearly explains what it is doing and helps you make good decisions. Regularly update multiple anti-spyware programs - ones that Prevent spyware, not just kill it after the fact.
  2. Keep all software up to date! Most folks know they must download and install "Windows" updates once a month. This is also true for all other software packages that use the Internet. Microsoft Office™ products (Word, Excel, Outlook etc), Internet Explorer, AOL, Adobe, FireFox, Security programs, Quicken™, Quickbooks™, file download programs, and pretty much any popular program. These programs are being targeted by hackers because they can easily exploit weaknesses in the code and use them to install viruses! You must regularly check for updates on each program and install them ASAP!
  3. Keep your PC clean! This involves different things but will go a long way towards extending the life of your PC and keeping it as fast as possible.
    • Keep it clean on the inside. Twice a year open the case and blow out the dust! Carefully now, don't touch things, just use compressed air.
    • Don't install every program you see! Watch carefully when you do install something. Just about every major program will try to install "Extras" like toolbars or downloaders. You don't need any toolbars! If something new shows up down by the time/clock see if you can turn it off or uninstall it.
    • Clean your hard drive and Registry monthly if not more often! Use a product like CCleaner. Then defrag! You must do this! It is even more important than changing the oil on your car!

Quick Tip-Bit: If none of this makes sense or you are uncertain how to start maintaining your PC call Dean Hancy at PC Bits. 763-360-2163. We offer low cost, easy to understand, and friendly training!

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