HELP! I Think My Computer Has A Virus!

I hear this heart stopping statement from customers almost every day! Most folks don't know what to do when this happens. Here is the best advice I can give.

First you must know your PC. What is "Normal" behavior? What is the name of your Anti-virus software? What does its warning look like? What is your web browser's "Home Page"? What does normal Internet traffic look/sound/feel like? How fast is the Internet? How fast do you get/send emails?

One of the first symptoms of a virus is a "change"! The Internet is "slow". The PC is acting "funny"! There seems to be lots of activity going on over the Internet wires but "you" aren't doing anything. Your "Home Page" changes to some other web site, either porn or a site that tries to sell you something. You can no longer get or send emails.

The obvious symptoms are "pop-ups". These can happen anywhere and at random times. They pop-up inside web pages, they pop-up in the system tray (down by the time/clock), they just pop-up on top of everything and they won't go away! These fraudulent pop-ups can be "official" looking warnings, or advertisements claiming that you are "infected". They FALSELY claim that they have "scanned" for viruses and found a "Trojan" or some such thing. Here is where you must know your own Anti-virus software. Just who is claiming to have found something? For example: if you have Norton Anti-virus™ then the pop-up better be from Norton!

Quick Tip-Bit: If you suspect a virus immediately shut down the PC. Restart the PC and immediately "Update" your Anti-virus program, then run a full scan. If you have any other Anti-Virus or Anti-spyware scanners "Update" them and run their full scans. If you don't have any other scanners or can't update call Dean Hancy at PC Bits.

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