Scenic Vista™ View with Care

Scenic Vista™ View with Care

Ever walked up to the edge of a cliff to see the grand vista and been warned to stay away from the edge? That warning could also be applied to the new Microsoft Vista™ operating system. If you haven't yet heard about it, Vista is Microsoft's replacement for Windows XP. This article is the 2nd in a series on Vista. Here are two reasons to be very careful before choosing Vista.

  1. Will your current software work in Vista? Many companies both large and small rely on custom software to run their business. Whether its inventory, customer management, or sales you need software to do your day to day work. Often this is old software that is supplied by your corporate office, vendor, or by the franchise. Many companies are learning that Vista works completely different than older versions of Windows (XP, 2000, ME etc.) This means that the old software needs to be completely rewritten. Few companies willingly spend this money. Another consideration is personal software. If you are using old freeware programs to make documents, convert files or pictures, FTP, VPN etc. make sure there is a Vista version before switching.
  2. Can you even get Windows XP on a new PC or install XP on a Vista machine? Most new PCs in stores now come with Vista. Be very careful about buying one of these if you need XP. I have found that manufacturers are not writing XP drivers for new machines. This means that you will have great difficulty in converting a new Vista machine to XP! You may not be able to get everything working in XP. For example: after converting a laptop to XP I was unable to get the sound to work!

Quick Tip-Bits: Stick with Windows XP for now until Microsoft has had time to fix most of the bugs. Microsoft has already announced Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Vista will come out in October. This will also give manufacturers time to write good Vista drivers for their products.

I would consider buying a used PC that already has XP loaded or having a custom PC built for you with a clean install of XP. A custom PC costs more up front but has fewer problems over its life and will last longer than a "name brand". PC Bits can help you with either choice.

If you have any questions please call Dean Hancy.

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