Business Computer Service Pricing

Your needs are unique to your business. Let us meet with you for a free consultation about the best match of our services to your needs; scope and pricing will be developed.

Monthly Contracts

We will manage your IT assets for maximum performance and minimum downtime:

  • Technical Support & Helpdesk
  • Troubleshooting
    • PC's
    • Software applications
    • Networks
    • Internet connectivity
  • Network & Computer Security
    • Anti-virus
    • Anti-spyware
  • Data Backup & restoration
  • Software / Hardware
    • Installations
    • Upgrades
  • Internet connection
  • Network installation
    • wired
    • wireless
  • System maintenance / updates

System maintenance / updates

Applicable services also available for one time office move, new installation or refurbish.


If you're exploring new technology and need some expert advice:

  • Internet connection technologies / Internet service providers
  • Network technologies
  • Voice over IP


With a little more knowledge your current staff may be able to handle what you need:

  • Computer fundamentals / concepts
  • Microsoft Windows and Office Suite
  • Computer system preventative maintenance
  • Internet Safety and Security Policies

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