Custom Built Computers

PC Bits will work closely with you to design the ideal system for your needs and budget. We use top quality cost effective parts so that you will have the latest computer system that will combine maximum performance and ability to upgrade. Here is why a custom built computer is always better:

  • You will have a clean install of the Microsoft Windows operating system that you choose. No hidden partitions or recovery software to cause errors.
  • The Best name brand, quality, high speed, warranted parts. Big name computers come with proprietary, non-standard parts. Proprietary parts cause headaches when hard drives crash because the hardware drivers are not included. In fact you may not get any replacement software at all.
  • Systems from Dell, BestBuy, Compaq, etc. have many unnecessary pieces of software installed. Manufacturer spyware, trial edition anti-virus or Office productivity software, financial freeware, photo editing freeware, advertisements, etc. All this causes slow response times and general irritation. A PC Bits custom computer will have only the software you order.
  • Room to grow. Big name brands are often maxed out right from the start and they usually cannot be upgraded. Either the case is too small to hold more parts or the motherboard cannot support more.
  • FAST! The combination of all these points and PC Bits New Computer Setup means your new computer will be faster than you ever imagined!
  • PC Bits also copies data from your old PC to the new one! We help setup emails, printers and custom software such as Quicken™ or QuickBooks™.

Price includes the New Computer Setup and your own Valid Microsoft Operating System Disk.

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