Computer Service and Computer Repair
In Home or On-site

  • Detect and Remove all computer viruses, Hijacks and spyware. Remove those annoying popups, and reset your home page to its original place.
  • Repair the cause of any error messages, pop ups, lost home pages or startup errors. Computer won't start? Got the Blue Screen of Death? PC Bits can fix it without loosing all your valuable files, pictures, music, email and settings.
  • Speed up that slow computer. See Complete Computer Tune Up
  • Repair lost Internet connections.
  • Recover lost files if the computer won't start.
  • Install a complete suite of computer security software. Includes anti-virus software, anti spyware software, and Firewall software.
  • Upgrade your computer hardware and software:
    • Install a newer version of Microsoft Windows.
    • Install a new or additional hard drive or DVD/CD drive.
    • Install and configure a new Printer.
    • Install and configure a wireless network card.
  • Setup email accounts and email programs.
  • Create or troubleshoot an office network.
  • Install a wireless network and configure it for maximum security.
  • Install Fiber or Cable high speed Internet.

On-Site $100.00 per hour, 1-hour minimum.

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