Computer Consulting

We all want to make the best decisions possible. This is vital when it comes to computers, computer repairs, networks, security, backups and the Internet. Costs can mount up quickly and the number of choices is bewildering. What type of high speed Internet should I purchase? How can I connect my computers and share programs and data? How do I protect my computers against viruses and spyware? How do I stop all this Spam! Should I go wireless? What type of printer is best? What is the best way to backup and restore business critical data? Every helpdesk I call seems to blame someone else or they don't speak English!

PC Bits is here to help. We specialize in answering your questions and giving sound cost effective advice. We have years of experience in both business and Information Technology (IT). We understand your needs and will help you choose the best business computer solution that fits your business and your budget! PC Bits does not sell a "package" or a "brand". We help you make informed decisions with confidence. We meet with you, take the time to get to know you and your business, then recommend a business and budget friendly solution that will meet your current needs and position you for future growth.

PC Bits will also manage IT projects for you, relieving you of the hassle and frustration of answering technical questions from sub-contractors that prevent you from doing your business. Working with one knowledgeable friendly expert, who knows your needs, leaves you free to "make" money instead of wasting it when mistakes happen.

PC Bits offers a complete line of in house computer repairs, computer services, and computer security. See our section on Business Computer Solutions.

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