Your Computer is full of Holes!

ALL Software has holes in it. We call these holes Bugs! When a bug threatens the security of your computer, it is called a vulnerability. Microsoft Windows® (XP, and Vista) and Microsoft Office® (all versions) have a LOT of programs that use the Internet. Many more than you imagine. Many of these programs have "vulnerabilities", weak places in their code that allow a hacker to break into the program and take over your computer!

As time goes by; new vulnerabilities are discovered -- most often by hackers. These vulnerabilities are not viruses and therefore your antivirus software does NOT protect you from them! When a vulnerability is discovered, Microsoft updates its software. It does this by publishing an Update. Another word for this is a patch. A patch that fixes a vulnerability is called a Critical Update. Did you hear about the Conficker worm? Microsoft fixed the vulnerability that allowed this attack with a Critical Update BEFORE the worm was written!

Microsoft® has web sites that update its products. You MUST update all Microsoft software on your computer monthly! This means downloading and installing all Updates. When you visit each Update Web site, the site scans your computer and tells you what updates apply. You choose the updates that you want to download and install.

How: Look in the Tools drop down menu in Internet Explorer for Windows Update. Just follow the instructions on the site. Look for the Office Update link if you have any Office products (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.)

Quick Tip-Bit: Install all Critical Updates! I recommend turning Automatic Update off. You must do Windows Update once a month. Microsoft publishes new Updates the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Pick a time ASAP after that, go to Windows Update and click the Express button. Questions? Call PC Bits at 763-360-2163.

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