Step Away from Vista™!

Ever been warned to "Step away from the car"? Let me warn you about Microsoft Vista™. Vista is Microsoft's replacement for Windows XP. One year after its debut, Vista is causing headaches for innocent buyers forced to buy it with new PCs. Here are 4 points to ponder:

  1. There are five versions of Vista to choose from! Which one are you getting and is it the one you need? There is Home Basic, Home Premium, Vista Ultimate, Vista Business, and Vista Enterprise. You can divide these into three groups. Vista Basic is for older/slower PCs. Vista Business and Enterprise are for the business folks who don't need "entertainment" features such as photo editing and Media Center™. That leaves Vista Premium and Ultimate. Only these versions add the pretty new look and multi-media "entertainment" features that you have seen advertised.
  2. Can your new PC handle Vista? This is a difficult question given the many PCs in stores today. Add to that the five versions of Vista and you see the problem. If the PC is a low cost floor model the answer is NO! All versions of Vista require at least 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM, (2-GB is better!), a dedicated video card with at least 256MB of video RAM, and advanced graphics software! BEWARE: The big electronics stores are selling PCs that CANNOT handle Vista! I have seen $599 PCs with only ½ GB RAM and NO video card, yet with Vista. The owners are very frustrated with the SLOWNESS of their new PCs!
  3. Will your other equipment work after installing Vista? Manufacturers have been caught unprepared for Vista. Many folks find that their favorite printer, digital camera, scanner, etc. don't work! They need a new Vista "driver" and the manufacturer has not yet written one for older equipment.
  4. Will your software work in Vista? Many companies rely on custom software. Whether its inventory, customer management, or sales you need software to do your job. Often this is old software that is supplied by your corporate office, vendor, or franchise. Companies have found that Vista works completely different than older versions of Windows. This means that old software must be rewritten. Few companies willingly spend this money. Another consideration is personal software. If you are using old freeware programs to make documents, convert files or pictures, FTP etc. make sure there is a Vista version before switching.

Quick Tip-Bit: Stick with Windows XP for now until Microsoft has had time to fix most of the bugs. Service Pack 1 (SP1) didn't really help. This will also give manufacturers time to write good Vista drivers for their products.

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